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Beelitz Heilstätten, Germany

Posted by
Kat (London, United Kingdom) on 23 October 2009 in Architecture.

last pic for the moment

my computer bag slipped yesterday on the way home, strap torn apart one sec to the next, laptop fell on pavement, screen been black ever since, Phd's trapped inside, needs sorting first

and yes, can't download pics from the camera/upload to aminus at uni pc neither

blue skies, sun shining outside though

Papalopoctli from D.F., Mexico

El paso del tiempo no perdona nada... Muy buena toma.

23 Oct 2009 11:09pm

@Papalopoctli: tan verdadero, tan triste ... gracias!

John from Geneva, United States

This photo looks like a hurricane just wandered through.
Met a man fifteen years ago, his living was retrieving information from damaged computers. The things he was able to do - chances are there's somone out there who can help you. Good luck! Hope you're back up & posting soon.

24 Oct 2009 2:53am

@John: one hurricane or almost 20 years lack of maintainance and care ... a friend volunteered to assist with the laptop, PhD is going to be released, the only question is: when?

Ghassan from Baghdad, Iraq

Sorry for your laptop, hope fall a new one with the next rain ,for you !!...where you find this places ? are you miss Africa so you trying to find places looks like Africa in London.

24 Oct 2009 1:25pm

@Ghassan: there's been rain this night but only water, no new laptop :? this is an early 20th century spa close to where my parents live (an hour from Berlin, Germany) ... after the war the Russians occupied it, think they used the hospitals for their soldiers and since they left in the early 1990s most of the place is slowly falling apart, although, in fact, some of the buildings must already have been damaged during the war, there are still some craters from the bombs to be seen ... I used to love going there but its also a favourite with Berlin-based photographers. Its weird how they do glamour fashion shots in their against the background of the crumbling building! so, yeah, I didn't need to find it, it was just at my door steps. its nothing like Nigeria though, not half as warm, different light and most of the old buildings there were built from mud so deterioration looks different ... I need to check whether I got only shots of the old city wall in Kano, its quite picturesque but come to think about it, its quite sad - in both cases, how they are left to fall apart ...

Ghassan from Baghdad, Iraq

No laptop from the sky , this is weird !! perhaps will come some cash, because the laptop will broken if fall with rain :D and if even the cash did not fall, dont worry too cuz you turned just like me(with out laptop) and believe me,you will survive.
For the buildings: its closer things(because of the mis) to Africa in Berlin perhaps :) and for the Kano, dont worry !! there is peoples life, waste every day by killing or....and no buddy care.

24 Oct 2009 5:54pm

@Ghassan: arright, so I wait for the cash to rain down! :) ... as for buildings falling apart and people dying without anybody caring: there you get me right where my discomfort with my passion and profession (i.e. art, i.e. material objects) on the one hand and the reality of many people in the area I conducted fieldwork in (Nigeria, i.e. kids begging on the street, people killed by robbers or a riot etc.) on the other hand lies, makes the things I care about (i.e. the arts) appear such a vain occupation on a daily basis (just switch on the TV) ... but I guess, Baghdad is a different story again, an actual war zone ...

Ghassan from Baghdad, Iraq

If i was god or boss or...i did not let you broke your laptop(because i can be good god :)) so you did not needed the rain and the sky to .....but :( i am not. any way you are not the boss too,i guess(are you?!) so you cant help all the people ( and you adopted a big one!) but not helping the killers and criminals and saying some thing or pretend sorry(when you are save and far enough) that will be nice !!.... for Baghdad,at least we are on the news ! more than London !!

27 Oct 2009 12:46am

@Ghassan: not sure I understand what you're saying, not sure you got me right (or maybe I'm just tired) ... but one thing's for sure: I'm glad I'm not the boss, too much responsibility for my small shoulders, though I can think of some things I'd change ...

Anthony Morgan Lambert from Bielefeld, Germany

sorry to hear about the laptop,great shot though.

27 Oct 2009 6:42am

@Anthony Morgan Lambert: thx ...

Mostafa from Tehran, Iran

schoene aufnahme ich mag's

31 Oct 2009 8:07am

@Mostafa: danke Mostafa!

Yusuf Adamu from Kano, Nigeria

A thoughtful shot, Kat. GHassan Africa is beautiful, you can't find the beauty of Africa in London.

20 Mar 2010 11:43pm